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About Us

Our Story

UniRobotic Was establish by group of Robotic enthusiast that wanted to make robots accessible to Canadian company. By the unification of their Knowledge of the application , the technology and the market they came up with a unique approach to serve the customer looking for an easy to use and affordable solution to their automation needs. Our solution are based on Collaborative robots or Co-bots platform

UniRobotic is the Importer and master distributor for the Elite Robotic robots platform in Canada . Elite has the same Vision , they want to make the integration of your Robot easy and affordable. Traditional industrial 6 axis robots are expensive to deploy and to keep in service. Robotic Should be easy and should not require a team of specialized engineer to make them run. UniRobotic work with a network of distributor and integrator across Canada. We believe in local service this is why we work with partner that bridge the gap and give you the product , the service and the solution you need. You do not know were to start ? No problems , contact US with your problem we will work a solution for you

We are driven by values

We believe in team work , so we team up with the best in the industry to make your project easy and productive. We also think that a solution to be successful need to meet all you objective. It should meet your budget , your production target and should be easy to apply and maintained. In other words with our solution you will have the lowest cost of ownership.

Super Efficient

The best technology

Deeply Committed

The best team

Highly Skilled

The top robotic expertise

Gilles Laberge

Robotic Sales Consultant

Normand Lalonde

Robotic Sales Support